How do you use the Gen3 Spot Tracker?

To start tracking, press and hold the power button to turn it on. Then press and hold the tracking button (the one with the shoe print on it) until the lights start to flash. This will now send a track marker every 5 minutes. Remember you need to stop and start tracking at least once every 24 hours or tracking will stop. The best way to do this is to turn the device off.

To activate any of the other buttons the same applies, press and hold until lights flash, normally around 1 second. Only press the SOS button in a real emergency and you cant sort yourself out any other way as this will call the emergency services.

User guide can be downloaded here.

What's the return address for the tracker?

Spot Tracker Rental
11 Tal Y Bont Estate
LL55 4BT

Do you offer a Discount?
Rentals over 4 weeks in length get 1 week free for every 4 weeks booked. We currently don’t offer a discount for the amount of trackers booked.
Do you charge late fees if the tracker is returned late?

We allow 3 days for the return of trackers back to us. If you don’t think you will be able to make this, please add some extra days to your booking.

If posting from outside the UK, you will need to add any extra days to your booking to cover any extra return postage time.

Late fees are £10 per day, these are charged from the 4th Day.


Are batteries included?

We do not supply our trackers with batteries, we recommend you use Energizer Lithium AAA batteries as we find they last the longest in these trackers.

If there are any batteries in the device when you recive it, they will be from the previous user so they may not carry a full charge, so always carry spares.


When will I receive my tracker?
Trackers are normally posted 2 days before the rental is due to start. We only guarantee that they arrive on the first day of rental, so if you are concerned it wont arrive on time, just add a days rental to the beginning of your booking.
Do I have to pay the subscription fees?
No, these are included in the rental.
Are postage costs included?
We pay the outward postage cost, you pay the return postage costs.
Is there any setup required?
No, we do all the setup for you. Just insert you batteries and you are good to go.
Do you rent outside of the UK?

Unfortunately, thanks to Brexit we can no longer rent to our friends in the EU. The extra fees/costs involved in posting outside of the UK makes renting from us not cost effective. We are yet another company that has fallen victim of Brexit.

What is your cancellation policy?

You have the right to cancel your booking under the following conditions:


  • Up to 60 days prior to booking – 98% Refund
  • Between 60 and 30 days prior to booking – 50% Refund
  • Between 30 days prior and the start of the booking – No Refund
Can you change the tracking interval?

No, tracking is set to 10 minute intervals.

Is the tracker insured during the rental?
No, the tracker is your responsibility during the rental and if you are concerned about it getting lost or damaged, you will need to insure it yourself.
Do you offer the advanced tracking and GEOS upgrades?
Unfortunately this is not something we can offer.

As far as GEOS is concerned, you should always make sure you have insurance that will cover you for the type of activity you are doing anyway.

Do I have to sign a rental agreement?
When you book you will have to tick a box that says you agree to our Rental Agreement. This acts as a digital signature to say you agree to our terms.
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